Morning Routine Tips

Rural Radical Tip #2

Wake Up – Kick Ass – Repeat

This is a RE/MAX inspired phrase, but it’s such a great mindset. My daily routines help set me up for a successful day, even when my days get a little crazy! Being organized and ready for the day make all the difference.


Radical Change Tool –

Wake Up – Kick Ass – Repeat


My Morning Routine

I find that sticking to a morning routine not only sets my day up for success, but helps me feel like I can control a small part of my crazy days! 


5:00 am

  1. Wake Up
  2. Make fresh celery juice (Benefits of celery juice – CLICK HERE)
  3. Read at least 10 pages of a personal development book 
  4. Pre-workout meal 

6:00 am 

  1. Workout at home 
  2. Walk my dog outside 

7:00 am

  1. Post-workout meal 
  2. Pack all food for the day
  3. Get ready for the day

8:00 am 

OPTION A: Leave the house for appointments/the office – Listen to a personal development podcast on my commute

OPTION B: Quick house clean up and start working from home


Organization Tips

  1. Every weekend, look at your upcoming week. Is there anything you need to prepare for? Is there anything you need to cancel or reschedule? I use the With Intention Planner (CLICK HERE) to help map out my weekly priorities. 
  2. MEAL PREP! I meal prep at least once a week to make sure I always have HEALTHY foods available to keep me fueled for busy days!
    1. Don’t overthink this – I prep the basics: Protein, Carbs, Veggies and Fats
      1. Protein: Vegan protein powderHard boiled eggs, ground turkey/turkey burgers, grass-fed ground beef/burgers, bison burgers, chicken, (I usually pick only two types of meat to prep for the week)
      2. Carbs: Instant rice packets, whole-grain bread, wheat tortillas, and sweet potatoes are my usual go-tos. 
      3. Fats: Avocado (or little guacamole cups), almond butter and peanut butter
      4. Veggies: Steamed anything (cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc.) asparagus, frozen cauliflower rice is a MUST, spinach, and tomatoes 
    2. I don’t do anything fancy. I track my food with My Fitness Pal, and pick what I’m going to eat for the day before I leave the house. I mix and match proteins, veggies, carbs and fats for different meals. I eat about 5-6 meals per day. I try to plan my food around my day, for example: If I won’t have access to a microwave, I try to pack meals that don’t need to be heated, OR if I’m showing houses all day, I try to pack meals that are easy to eat on the go (like protein shakes or smoothies). DON’T make a habit of replacing meals with protein shakes, though. It’s always better to eat real food, but a healthy protein shake is much better than gas station snacks or a fast food burger and fries!


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