What is a Rurual Radical?

Feb. 1, 2020 


Hi! I’m cheyenne and I LOVE being a South Dakotan. I love living in the beautiful west-side of South Dakota near the Black Hills and Badlands. I live in a small town of about 800 people with my husband and my puppy.


Why am I doing this?


My mission with the Rural Radical blog is to share stories. Stories about my life which basically consists of real estate, living a happy, healthy life, spending time with my husband and my dog, Ruger. I also have a desire to spread the good news about the amazing people and places I have the opportunity to meet while working in western South Dakota. South Dakota is full of rural radicals, and I want to help share their stories.


There are so many awesome resources out there for women in business. But what I’m finding is that there are few resources SPECIFICALLY for RURAL women in business. 


Just because we live in small towns, doesn’t mean we don’t want to live BIG lives!


We have different struggles than people in bigger cities. We have to worry about running into cows on our drive home, and sometimes get stuck behind a tractor on the two-lane highway. We have a different pace, a different lifestyle and a very specific awkward wave while driving past strangers. 


Some of our towns don’t have coffee shops or fancy offices to meet clients or work on our businesses. We sit in parking lots with our hotspots on or meet at the local Subway. We can’t just “go get something real quick” because often what we need is a 45 minute drive away.


But we DO have amazing businesses in our communities that need our support. We DO have business owners that have families, just like us, that are trying to provide opportunities in our small towns. 


So, this is for you. This is for the woman that took the BIG step, and started building her dream life in a rural area. This is for the woman building her side-hustle on nights and weekends. This is for you – sitting at your 9-5 job wondering if you could really make your ideas a reality. This is for the rural radicals – taking chances on becoming an entrepreneur with the power of connection and strong wifi. This is for you – the woman that feels alone on this journey. You don’t know where to go for connection, inspiration and motivation. You have a brave story, and this is the place to share it.


To all the other Rural Radicals out there – this is YOUR space. I hope you follow along, create connections and continue to build.

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